Just Jump In! 

Sometimes in life you just have to jump in. That’s what I’m doing with this blog, jumping in – feet first of course. We aren’t diving here! 

To start this blog off right, I figure I minus well share a memory this system has that we cherish to no end

Mexico; the greatest time we have ever known. We went has a school trip, it took a year to raise all the money for us and 14 days for it to be over. I didn’t want those 14 days to end.

Now, none of us are very keen on spicy food, or beans, or vegetables, or… well most anything that isn’t chocolate, a milk product, bread, or fish- and even then some of those foods don’t always make the cut! None of us are very social either. We’re introverts through and through. In high school it was worse, because we were still being abused, and any friends we made we couldn’t really keep. 

So if not for the friends and not for the food, what makes Mexico such an important part of our life?

I can’t really put it into words honestly. ‘The experience’ is the only way I know how to say it, but it doesn’t seem like enough! 

We look back on memories of the Yucatán Peninsula with fondness and rose colored glasses. 

On the drive back from the airport, it was 45 F, freezing rain and dark. We were in a school bus wearing nothing but a sweatshirt. Our life came crashing back on us, and it came crashing down hard. 

That same year, we later went back to our abuser and suffered abuse that we can’t even think about. It changed our life for the worse. The years following would be filled with nights spent in the car driving to woman’s shelters, group homes and hospitals, and a horrible lawyer who didn’t give us the chance to get justice. 

Mexico was the last hoorah of my teen years, the last bit of time I spent feeling like a normal human. The last time I was able to go outside and not be afraid of my own shadow.

Mexico will always be special to us, and I hope we never forget it.

Written by Cloud. 


3 thoughts on “Just Jump In! 

  1. Hi Cloud. We have a cherished memory too. The time we were in softball. The last day of the season was the last day we were still living with the family. Went into foster care after that. Thanks for sharing this post. Lora


  2. I’m eager to follow your journey and this memory is so poignant and so special. I am sorry for what inevitably will follow but I am alongside you on this journey and with blogging about the process. Thank you for sharing your story.

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