First off, I want to thank another blogger for linking this article. I’ve never really put too much thought into my inner world, meaning I never really thought it was something strange that others (singlets) didn’t have. Even after I got my diagnosis it never hit me how important my inner world is to my system.

Now, our inner world has gone through many changes. When Kenny would first go to it, back as a very young child, he and Elijah would hang out in this little shack on the beach, with a pier right behind them. It would sometimes change to be a jungle, but mostly it stayed as a beach.There’s a big gap in our memory where we don’t remember what went on with each other, but when we were 11 or so, our inner world changed to be this big system of caves underground. After that, it was a town, then a big mansion, and now finally it is what it is today.

Everything is still in its original place, but the caves are boarded off, the town is flooded with a thick black gunk, the mansion is locked away from the outside with a huge metal door. We currently live in something indescribable. It may be another place altogether, or it may just be a big warehouse that doesn’t follow true life rules.

I would like to start a series where we go on about what’s going on in our inner world, just to document it.

In the article I linked above, it talks about the importance of how an inner world can increase internal communication and co-consciousness. This makes a lot of sense to us because we’ve surprised many people (ourselves included) with how far we are along with getting to know everyone system wise. I mean there’s really not a lot left to do in terms of gaining co-consciousness or setting up better communication. There are still tons of things to work on, but we don’t have too many troubles interacting with one another.

It’s nice, we’ve all known each other for so long (our newest people part came around in 2008) that we know each other quirks.

I say that, but there is a whole lot to learn about each other. I mention in our about that we have a group we call the “newbies”. They aren’t new to the system, but they are new to the idea of being a system. They’re parts we managed to pull back from dormancy while exploring our inner world. They are still getting used to the idea of fronting and dealing with trauma. We’re all getting to know each other as our own people and not just as whatever we thought we were before.

Our inner world has been very helpful to us just as an escape from the nasty stuff and the not so nasty stuff. Long car rides (something we still fall into: we step in a car and once it starts moving instantly in inner world), before bed (now a habit), sitting in class, watching a boring movie, etc.

It’s brought us together, and I honestly think it’s helped us heal further than we where we would have been without it.






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  1. hey Kenny. can i ask you to read a post for us and comment what you think? i have never been brave enough before to tell outsiders about our internal world .like yours, ours changes over time. we know outsiders dont understand. afraid to post such things cuz outside ppl may attack it. idk.

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