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This week has been packed full of mental health appointments and a little bit of disappointment. Along with some fairly good system work from a tid bit our therapist said.

On Monday, instead of my usual therapy appointment, I had a psych appointment. My psych is okay, he’s a resident and he works under an okay doctor. That’s they best way to describe them, okay. The rest of that hospital is truly awful, and I hate that I go there.

The resident is leaving in the beginning of July, and I’ll be getting another one. I don’t mind, I’m probably going to start hunting around for another one in the hopes of finding one who won’t just shove horrible medication on me, and will actually listen. The attending doctor decided to up both the medications my resident was thinking of, and so far it’s been kind of hard. It’s not too bad though, but I’m not having a very good time of it. 

After my appointment, I went to the other side of the hall and tried to make an endocrinologist appointment. My hair is falling out in clumps, and since I was already connected to them I though maybe I’d move my appointment up. Apparently, I didn’t even have an appointment nor did the endocrinologist even want to see me again unless my PCP/GP gave me another referral. My PCP/GP is just awful, I can’t even go into it, she just sucks. 

I left a message with the nurse and maybe I can get an appointment, but I’m doubtful.

My therapy appointment was good. We worked a bit on trying to help some of the alters who hold trauma relax with help from their protectors. It was draining, and we left groggy. But it was worth it!

During our appointment, she mentioned how we had been so good at mentoring the alters who haven’t adjusted to being in a system yet (aka the newbies; old alters who were dormant until recently). I kind of took that idea and ran with it. 

The mentoring program; where one of our “older” (aka more experienced) alters are paired with one or two of the newbies. The newbies are welcome to come to their mentor when ever, and can ask for advice, front with them, or even just talk when ever. 

I’m hoping the newbies take advantage of it, it’s a worth while program to have since we need to have the newbies spend more time learning about system life and themselves.



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  1. We really really like the idea of mentors for the newbs. So sorry docs are jerks. We never could get one that was more than a pill pusher. It’s a difficult road. I hope you guys get it all straightened out.


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