This past week has been long and terrible. Our flashbacks have become a near constant thing that just hangs out in the back of our mind and drags us in at the worst time. Everything has been a trigger, even music we’ve worked on being able to enjoy again. 

With the advice of my mother and my therapist, I went back to my normal dose of one medication (I can’t of the other since the prescription I got is of the higher dose) this seems to have helped the awful grogginess. 

Kenny seems to be getting the worst of the flashbacks, but Ren, Roo, and Cloud have also been getting them. Us protectors have been working very hard on keeping everyone safe and stable. 

Mellow had his first time fronting while we slept. We then found out a major trigger for him. Which is good to know! 

This week hasn’t been all bad, in my mind no weeks we spend lately can be called ‘all bad’ we’ve had some really tough weeks in the past. 

It snowed something awful yesterday! If you follow my twitter you may have already seen these pictures, but this snow is crazy for march!

That last one is how high the snow was when we tried to get into our car (a Honda Civic). That actually has some snow pushed away too. We couldn’t close the door and had to shovel the snow out so we could. 

(We went out because we had to pick up some prescriptions)

The car got stuck coming back into the driveway, and I (well, Kenny) had to push it out. We’re good at pushing cars because we grew up on a junk yard pushing them. It was weird to do after so long though!

I have a question for everyone, do you ever feel like you forget how to do things (even simple ones). Your body still knows, but your brain is just really confused. We’ve been having that lately and it’s different.



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  1. I’m sorry your guy’s week has sucked. You guys work well together. You seem to be real friends that can help each other. We grew up in northern Washington State. Seen a lot of those kinds of snow days! But in March, that sucks! It would have been kinda fun driving it though. Have to admit, the last time I drove in the snow I thought it was fun until I tried to turn a corner a slid a little bit. Fun over, need to be in my safe home. lolz I hope your days get better and the flashbacks settle. Lora


  2. one more thought. could this be a very young part you guys dont know yet? The memories and the not knowing simple things you know how to do sound like maybe a young one could be close. IDK, just a thought. I’m sorry you’re having rough times. b

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