A ramble.

I’m going to try and stick on a weekly schedule, even if it means finding prompts to write about when I don’t have ideas! 

I’ve been working on doing a longer about section with a picture each part feels represents them and a little blurb. I should have this done with in the week!

We’ve been a bit of a mess trying to figure out a way to get Kenny to not front. He’s been out so much, just hanging around Ren and the kids that we’ve all kind of turned into a big blurred mess. It’s really awful having to try and untangle ourselves.

It’s Roo right now, and I’ve been trying really hard to be me but I can seem to feel comfortable in the body. I’ve been trying all day. Adam isn’t doing super well and it makes me sad.

I’m doing napowrimo (national pottery writing month) and I wrote a poem about today about his facial scars. He has two scars across his cheeks from internal self harm. Think the joker from batman. I think I made him self conscious to be honest… 

If you’d like like to read my poetry it is here

I might write another blog post this week for my weekly scheduled post. I’m going to try and figure out what day I want to do it this week. There will still be random blog posts peppered when ever things come up! I will just try and get one post out per week!

Thank you guys so much! 

– Roo


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