(Funny title by an unfunny man)

Our system is somewhat in chaos. Adam, Roo, and even Joji (some what) have been having identity issues. Cloud has been having a terrible memory(?) come up every time he fronts, so he and Squall have been preoccupied with that. Cloud has also been having identity issues because he’s trying to distance himself from himself… if that makes sense. 

Everyone else is a “newbie” and isn’t ready to front for long periods with out supervision. 

These are all things we can handle, we have been dealing with them since we got diagnosed (and then stopped receiving therapy). What is a new thing is the kids. 

Long story short; we have been having periods of great anxiety, then  a new child part will show up. It started after we found Matty, then Kisa, and now there’s four more (along side a new adult part). 

Jonah was the first to show up, he is attached to Roo, Adam, and Joji. He is a baby, like Matty. Next was Duncan who is about 9-10, he has been staying with Levi and Kyu and is fairly attached to them. There is two more, one who is attached to Lolly and Ox, he is also a baby but maybe a few months older than Matty and Jonah. He is currently waiting for a name to come along, Lolly calls him Shim at the moment.

Last is another young boy who’s waiting for a name. He has not been able to leave our (Ken, Ren, and I’s) side. Matty and Kisa (the two other kids we’ve adopted into our family) went though this phase as well, but I think this time Ken isn’t going to let this child be alone for too long. He is a little older, maybe 4-5. He does not speak English (or any known language) but he is not mute. He was very proud of himself today for being able to connect in some way with us (he made the noise that a dragon/dinosaurs would make when we saw a Pokémon Kenny gave him the exact card he was trying to imitate). 

He was fond naked, and had to be put to sleep by Rain (the colored “good” wisp, which is our version of a dragon you could say). He woke up later and we were able to get clothes on him. He took a bath today, and did sleep last night. 

We fear he may be a trauma holder of severe trauma, which may also be the trauma Cloud is remembering but maybe not. 

We have written a lot this week, and it has helped. 

Thank you,



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