Wednesday Update!

I was going to post another one like last week, but enough stuff has been going on that I can make a post with out a prompt. 

I think our last post was “Kid-uation” where Elijah explains what’s been going on with the kiddos and us in general.

Adam and I (Cloud) have been fronting again, I think we’re finally just ready to do it. We’re still having problems, but we’ve been handling it okay so far. 

Two more kids have shown up. Both of them are as bad as the last boy who joined Ken’s family. One is paralyzed from the waist down and one is blind. I don’t know if that’s a normal thing to have disabled alters,  but we have them. 

The blind kid is attached to me, and the other kiddo is attached to Adam. They are very sweet. 

We built a area for people to front and have fun with the kids with all of them around. We haven’t used it yet but I feel like it could come in handy.

Do any of you have disabled alters? 

We have been pretty busy these past three days, but the hardest part of the week is over!

Thanks all – Cloud


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