So this week has been kind of a nightmare. We haven’t felt this bad in a long time, but we’re keeping our hopes up because of some good news!

We’re getting a bird! 

We love birds, and almost all exotic pets. Birds are especially close to our hearts. 

We’re adopting, and are going to be meeting the birds on May 1st. we have three in mind, but everyone has already chosen their favorite of course. 

We’re adopting a cockatiel, and have done a ton of research.

Do you all have pets ? Or do you have favorite animals?

Sorry this is short!



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  1. Congratulations on the bird!! I hope you can post a picture when you get the bird. I have 2 dogs (rescues) and help to babysit an African Grey Parrot for a friend when she goes out of town for work – so I love birds too. I’m sorry you have had a really bad week, but am happy the bird is giving you all a very good reason to look forward.

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