13 Things A System Mate Wants You To Know

We’re stealing this idea from an Instagram post. It feels like a fun thing we could write and maybe share with others (meaning people we know in real life?) 

Here goes:

  1. We all have our own emotions about stuff. One of us could love something, but another could hate it at the same time. Like music, we all have our own tastes. Some of us can listen to whatever, but there is some music only some of us like. Sometimes it’s hard to compromise on things, some of us can be really loud!
  2. I know what I look like in my head, and it’s not what our body looks like. It can cause a lot of confusion and makes shopping for clothes a real bitch. 
  3. Kid parts are actual kids. Yeah, they may be in the body of an adult but you try telling a 4 year old they can’t get a toy because it will embarrass you. It’s not easy.
  4. We all have names, and you’re welcome to learn them. If you want to learn about us individually go for it, we tend to be a bit of an open book. (Please talk to us omg)
  5. We can have fights about stuff that doesn’t even happen in the real world. It’s weird fighting with yourself.
  6. Yes I talk to myself. All the time. If you could hear what goes on in my brain you’d probably want it to stop after about ten seconds of hearing the same song play while someone tells you about why that guy is probably a jerk.
  7. We can see each other in our mind, like we have an entire town? thing there. It’s really fun actually. You can dance with out having anyone see. 
  8. We’ve been together for so long, it would be like being friends with the same people since you were a kid. We’re family. 
  9. If any of us are quiet for longer than maybe 20 minutes then the person fronting freaks out. It’s legit scary to go from near constant noise to nothing. 
  10. We’re people, and we just want to be treated with respect like any other person. That doesn’t mean people have to go out of their way to cater to us, but treat us with dignity and not as a social experience.
  11. Alter/Personality isn’t always what systems call their parts. It can be dehumanizing. 
  12. Remember, we all went though the abuse, not just one of us. 
  13. We’re all the same person we present as, that will never change, but we have our own personal lives too. 

Thanks for reading guys! I should do a more system to system one of these another time too. 

– Lolly


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