Sleep and Kids.

We’ve slept for most the weekend, even though our insomnia gave us a run for it on Friday night. We’ve been spending a bit more time hanging out with the kids in headworld to try and make them feel a bit better. Even now though we’re yawning though we slept all day long.

Spending time with the kiddos has been nice though. It’s hard because sometimes Jonah cries and just wants to cuddle with Roo, and Chance always wants me to hold him and is always wanting to spend time with me. I like that Chance wants to be around me all the time, he’s so sweet and is a breath of fresh air.

It’s nice having a kids view on things sometimes, though sometimes it can be hard. They’re so sweet but easily scared. We feel bad if we disappoint them, but they bring us all so much joy. We really have no idea how to handle internal kids, but our therapist says we do a good job. That’s always a relief.

This isn’t a very long post, sorry.

The kiddos have wanted to write some posts, and I think I may let them do that.



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