Expressing Emotions

Since we were young we’ve always had a hard time of expressing emotions. This stems from many things, but it makes it hard for us to deal with life’s general happenings. Our mother has always been the emotional one, all of our emotions weren’t has important has hers were. Our abuser also played a part in our lack of emotions, but that’s a story for another day.

We hold them all in until we just burst with a big flash of anger. Then we calm back down. Our therapist wants us to work on it, not by breaking down the wall but by maybe putting a one-way mirror in the wall so that we can see in and our emotions can’t come out. She want’s us to wait though and take it slowly. She’s a very good therapist.

In the meantime, we try and find ways to express ourselves. Writing this blog and tweeting on Twitter has helped. Roo thinks poetry would help a lot too, but we need to put more focus into it. Sometimes just petting the family dog helps too.

We also try and make art that is just patterns made out of shapes and lines. We haven’t finished a full piece yet, but it’s nice to just sit and doodle. Patterns help us a lot. It can be calming to just have something have the right number of circles, triangles, and squares in an area.

We like coloring too, but it’s something the kids like more. We recently bought a dinosaur coloring book because dinos are the kid’s current interest. Art for us can be very healing, even looking at it.




2 thoughts on “Expressing Emotions

  1. hi adam, it sounds like you have a lot of ways of coping with the expression of emotions. i liked your therapists idea of a mirror our t did a similar thing with us, go slow, little at a time, you’ll get there. xxx

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