Keeping records

We're trying to keep records of stuff that goes on in the system. It's been hard because we rarely write stuff down but putting effort into it has given some nice results. We carry a journal along with us. It's really three of them all in one folder thing, one for just general stuff- stuff that isn't necessarily system related but is still nice to remember.

Another is for the kids to have. The kids have been co-fronting a ton and it's great having them around but some don't talk (even big kids) and there's always a need to doodle or color. They can do anything in it, it's just for the kids.

The last is for system stuff. We made a pocket for therapy sticky notes, a page for anxiety coping skills, a wish list, a page for copies of papers we bring to our therapist and one for old system conversations/notes. The book we had them in got water soaked, but the few notes we had survived and are now in their own pocket.

The rest of the last journal will be for system conversations and anything else important like med start dates or memories that come up.

Along side having that note book we carry a pouch/large pencil case that has tons of sticker, gel pens, two pencils, and a multi-colored pen and a note book we keep the points system in.

It's really nice to have this because we can make it look nice and it gives us something to do with our hands that's relaxing and crafty.

It's also something we'll all collectively enjoy which is always nice!

– Kenny


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