Frequent Fronters:
Roo, Kenny, Cloud, Adam, Renau, Kyu, Lolly


Joji, Elijah, Squall, Duck, Rude, Kuzu, Clarence, Xiggy


(Youngest to oldest)

Matty, Shim, Jonah, Chance, Jordan, Sunny, Sharkie, Zack, Duncan

The Rest

Deirdre, Levi, Sora, Marly, Rose, Tang, Max, Mello, Cat, Zen, 


More detailed list of parts 

In our real life, we take care of our sister, who has low functioning autism along with a developmental delay, sensory prodding disorder, and OCD. She is so strong, and every day she amazes us. We live with her and our mother, who has major health issues. We live in a small very wealthy town in the north east, where we live in the ‘low income’ development of duplexes.

We write poetry and stories. We love cars, trains and most anything mechanical. Video games, movies, and music are our favorite pass times. We love animals.