Alpacas and Swimming Cows.

(The kids wanted us to post something about the Alpacas we saw the other day, so I’m letting them write something and posting the two pictures. We also got some video of swimming cows and it fits this post well- Kenny)

HIYA! Im ZACK and Im with CHANCE whos one of my best pals besides SHARKIE and SUNNY. CHANCE was the one who saw the Alpacas when he went shopping with ADAM who is his DAD kind of like how SQUALL is MY DAD! JOJI was with CHANCE and ADAM but he left before they saw any cool animals. 

IM writnging this because CHANCE cant feel his legs and dont like to front and cause mom and sister are still up we cant have CHANCE even try. HE’s my friend though so he trusts me!!

THEY had a alpaca rescue at this old stuff mall and they were all shaved because the owner liked to make fancy clothes out of their fur. CHANCE thought that the alpacas have real sweet eyes and that they are realy cute!! WE want to have aplacas and cows and goat and all kinds of animals on  a farm when we grow up and the adults want that too so it might actually happen !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

THEY all had funny names that were on a sign but we didnt get a picture of it and only got two pictutes of the alpacas. 

THIS is the video of the cows we saw swimming and that was cool because it was a hot day and Im glad they had a pond to swim in so they werent hot. They were all realy pretty and I love cows just like CLOUD!!! ITS ON LOLLYS instagam LOLLY IS my best adult friend because hes cool and he likes to listen to me a lot. HE has babies of his own though but theyre too young for me to play with because one is just 2 and one is just 1.

A video for my blog. We saw some cows swimming the other day and it was really cool!

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Exciting stuff!

So I got a bird nearly a week and a half ago. I figured I’d make a post about the journey to get him, and something else exciting. This post will also lead into another that is more trauma based, but I feel like that should be separate. 

My little white cheeked cockatiel is named Reid, after the guy from criminal minds. I don’t know how old he is, all I know is that he came from a probably abusive situation and one where he was caged with 4 other birds. 

He’s shy as heck, but seems to be coming around to me slowly. He’s very sweet, some what loud which bothers me a bit but I knew what I was getting into, he’s charming and cute. 

It was a long day the drive to get him. We picked up my sister after school, and headed up to the Canadian border. We stoped along the way to do some shopping because we were going to be early. We got IHOP, which was yummy.

The restaurant was empty, and my mom had to give my little sister her medicine then too. We looked pretty funny coming in with a plate with frosting and a pill crusher! 

We went into the bookstore after, but only for just a second. My sister picked out a book that was Bubble Guppies. 

We still had like an hours drive up to where we were supposed to meet them. I was super anxious, and managed to keep myself somewhat under control.

We get to this house in the middle of nowhere! All there is is farms and other houses. No cell service, nothing. No one is answering the door, no one is around. There are birds in the house but no people! 

I tried calling them with what little service I had and they said they forgot. I was kind of pissed to say the least. They wouldn’t be back for 45 minutes. 

My sister had an accident and so we went to change her but we couldn’t even find a gas station. 

We changed her and made it back to this house. They show up a few minutes later making excuses. I’m still kind of dumbfounded. 

I go into their house, they show me the birds, I pick one out and in five minutes I back in my car driving back home. It was really weird how quick it all went. 

It took up three hours to get home, it was thundering and lightning out, my mom had to drive slow. I make it home and I still have to clean the cage they gave me. 

I’m so tried at this point, irritated because my mom has been bitchy all day. Worn out! I clean his cage, get him inside and go to bed.

Something else good happened in these past weeks too! 

My mom adopted a muppet! (Joking it’s a dog) 

Her name is Greta, she’s about 8 years old. She’s just the sweetest thing on the planet! She came home on the Saturday after I adopted Reid. We went into the humane society, and like 20 minutes later we had Greta in our car. 

I was surprised had how quick that adoption went too. Greta is a great match for our family! She’s sweet and gentle. 

So far Greta and my bird are on good terms and don’t upset each other. 

I love them both! 

My next post will be more mental health/trauma related. 

I also want to link an article I wrote about how Fandom hindered my healing, it’s on medium though I may link it in a post unmake about fandom and healing kind of stuff.

Thanks for reading!

– Adam