A new muppet. 

So, I’m only now seeing the comment that seems to predict what happened this past week, and what was discovered at our last therapy session. 

Our T wanted to do some EMDR to see if we could let a drop of the bad feelings go, she wanted me to ask my system if they were comfortable with having it done. I gathered everyone up quick, and ask. One person held up their hand, a redhead who is called Matty. He hadn’t gotten a lot of time to front, he always refused to hang out with the group. 

When he raised his hand I knew something was up. I pulled him to the side and I was surprised to see a toddler before me. I took him to the back room, quickly told my T that I found a kid. I explained to him that it wouldn’t hurt, and I asked him to co-front so our T would explain it. 

He did really well, and our session ended before I could talk about him. I’ve been working with what little I know about kid parts, our only other full time kid is Zack, but he’s 7(ish) and can mostly hold his own. Besides, he was mainly bonded with Cloud who is the one who’s taken care of every one who age slides when they are a younger part. 

Matty bonded with me, he’s very attached to me and at first he didn’t want to leave me at all. Now, he’ll be held by someone else but needs to be in the same space as me. I feel very attached to him as well. I’ve taken him under my wing and have kind of formed a parental role with him (same has Cloud & Squall are with Zack) 

He wets the bed/himself when scared (so far only in our inner world), he is attached to a stuffed toy and a small plastic toy in inner world. I’m hoping to get his stuffed Dino made by one of those drawing to toy companies.

I can’t wait for my next appointment so I can get some advice. A few things have been coming up, but I think it’s the stress of my sister & mother along side the inner world stuff.