Roo’s Poems: 

Untitled Journey 1.1

In the end of my dreams

the sky turns cream 

the heavens open up

my arms open wide,

blood bleeding down to my side 

It’s too hard to stand up

An angel comes to help

when they touch me I yelp

My skin seizes tight 

Please help me I cry

please save me, don’t let me die

I yell with all my might 

Light fills my eyes 

My brain finally feels wise

My heart, my soul

My feet land on solid ground 

My eyes open and I look around 

It’s my restart, I feel whole 


This poem may sound like it has religious meaning, but I am not a very religious person. I like the visual representation of heaven in the stereotypical Christian way. A lot of my abuse was centered around religion. Especially the abuse I took. 

Also I know you aren’t supposed to explain poems but I didn’t explain it I just wanted to clarify.